Data Collected by Our Software

Our Software collects and reports basic environment information to help us plan for and improve future versions of our Products. All of the information collected by our Software is stored anonymously with no identifying information. This is not unlike WordPress itself, which reports a lot of information to WordPress about your site. Our software does this on a much smaller scale and, unlike WordPress, does not collect any identifying information that would link that data back to your site. The following information is what our Software collects and reports back to us:

  • MD5 Hash of the server IP address (e.g., 2909a2c64757ce93daa60e3cfc653ef1; note: we do not store any IP addresses; all reported data is stored anonymously; we use this hash to filter out duplicate reports from the same server).
  • Server OS (e.g., Linux)
  • PHP Version (e.g., 5.4)
  • MySQL Version (e.g., 5.5)
  • WordPress Version (e.g., 4.2.2)
  • Product Version (e.g., 160721.4564)
  • Product Name (e.g., WP Sharks Core)

We use this information to help us make decisions about what versions of PHP, MySQL, WordPress, etc; that we should put our focus on. Ideally, we would always build our software products in a way that optimizes them for the latest versions of PHP/MySQL. However, unless and until we can be relatively certain that our customers are running on servers that are up-to-date, we hold off on doing so. Thus, gathering these statistics helps us make technical decisions.

If for any reason you'd like to disable the anonymous stats collection, create an MU-Plugin with the following filter:

add_filter('wp_sharks_core_app_stats_enable', '__return_false');
// Referencing: <>

e.g., You can put this code into: /wp-content/mu-plugins/wp-sharks-core-opt-out.php