[if] Shortcode Pro / Changelog


  • Adding support for _no_cache attribute.
  • Adding support for ua_is_engine="true|false" attribute.
  • Adding support for ua_is_bot="true|false" attribute.
  • Bumping minimum required WordPress version to v4.6.
  • Bumping minimum required version of the WP Sharks Core.
  • Adding support for wp-markdown-extra filter configuration.
  • Removing unnecessary nested shortcode callback handler. Starting with WP 4.6 the new WP_Hook class addresses the underlying problem this was solving. See Issue #1.
  • Enhancing security be removing basename(__FILE__) from direct access notices.
  • Removing unnecessary lite build variation from .build.props file.
  • Cleaned up the options page just a bit and corrected some typos.
  • Automatically strip leading indents for improved compatibility with Markdown parsers like Jetpack and WP Markdown Extra Pro, etc.


  • New attribute: request_var="{key|expr}". See KB Article.


  • Enhancing options page.
  • Updating to latest WP Sharks Core.
  • Enhancing docBlocks throughout source code.
  • A little refactoring to simplify menu pages.
  • Tested against WordPress v4.6 for compatibility.


  • Enhancing options page.
  • Adding ‘Restore Default Options’ tab.


  • Enhancing menu page. Improving inline documentation.
  • Updating to the latest WP Sharks Core library.


  • Bug fix. Improve filter-state backup handler.
  • Bug fix. Improve nested if block-level enforcement handler. Account for ^ in regex.


  • Enhancing support for nested [_if] tags by improving compatibility with wpautop().
  • Optimizing hook priorities for improved compatibility with a variety of other plugins for WordPress.


  • Making it possible to customize filters (via options page) that are applied to content inside [if] shortcodes.
  • Adding support for Jetpack Markdown inside [if][/if] conditionals.
  • Bumping minimum required WP Sharks Core to v160720.50843.
  • Now applying the_content filter recursively, to content inside conditionals.
  • Integrating a filter backup-state handler to avoid problems with inner content filters.
  • Moving many parts of this plugin to the wp_loaded hook with a late priority, as a way to further optimize it.


  • Updating to latest release of WP Sharks Core.
  • Fixed bug in current_user_can_download="" and current_user_bought_product="" attributes that was triggering syntax errors in some rare scenarios.
  • Fixed bug that was causing an E_NOTICE level warning about $limit.
  • Fixed bug causing a PHP warning in some scenarios related to s::setTransient().
  • Fixed bug that was causing current_user_can_download="" to fail when checking for a download sold by a product variation.


  • Deepening WooCommerce integration. New attribute current_user_can_download="".
  • Updating inline documentation. References to debug="" should be _debug="".
  • Updating inline documentation. References to for_blog="" should be _for_blog="".


  • Adding options page with general settings.
  • Improving colored error output when debug="true".


  • Updating to latest websharks/core with Simple Expression bug fixes that improve this plugin.


  • Bug fix. Loose types for onShortcode() handler.


  • Updating to the latest WP Sharks Core.
  • Taking advantage of recent improvements in core that further optimize this plugin.


  • Updating to latest WPSC and websharks/core.
  • Refactor. Now using Simple Expression syntax from websharks/core.
  • Adding support for a new _debug="" attribute.
  • Adding support for arbitrary attributes.


  • Updating to latest phings build system.
  • Fixing bug in initial release related to a corrupt build.


  • Initial release.