SVG Media Pro / System Requirements

This product installs just like any other theme/plugin for WordPress. Like most of our products, it also installs the WP Sharks Core™ framework when you activate it. Our framework satisfies nearly all dependencies for you. However, you do need a shared hosting provider (we recommend the MediaTemple Grid), a VPS, or dedicated server.

WP Sharks Core Requirements

Processor 64-bit processor (or better)
PHP v7.0.4 (or higher); tested up to 7.1.3
PHP Functions eval()
PHP Extensions SPL, Phar, Reflection, ctype, date, fileinfo, filter, gd, hash, json, mbstring, session, tokenizer, zlib, pcre, openssl, curl, intl, iconv, dom, xml, libxml, xmlreader, xmlwriter, SimpleXML
WordPress v4.7 (or higher); tested up to 4.8-alpha

Additional Product-Specific Requirements

WordPress v4.7.3 (or higher); tested up to 4.8
WP Sharks Core v170407.59512 (or higher); tested up to 170407.59512