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The WooCommerce Intercom plugin brings the power of the Intercom platform to your WooCommerce store, helping you connect with your customers while ensuring that your most vital WooCommerce customer data makes it over to the Intercom Dashboard.


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Built by Raam Dev
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Additional DetailsSystem Requirements

This product installs just like any other theme/plugin for WordPress. Like most of our products, it also installs the WP Sharks Core™ framework when you activate it. Our framework satisfies nearly all dependencies for you. However, you do need a shared hosting provider (we recommend the MediaTemple Grid), a VPS, or dedicated server.

WP Sharks Core Requirements

Processor 64-bit processor (or better)
PHP v7.0.4 (or higher); tested up to 7.1.3
WordPress v4.7 (or higher); tested up to 4.8-alpha

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  • Bug Fix: Call to undefined method WC_Order::get_currency() should be get_order_currency(). Reported by @raamdev in this GitHub issue.
  • Bug Fix: Before a new Event is generated to track a user’s Order or Subscription status on the Intercom side, a new API call is now made to ensure that a matching User does in fact exist on the Intercom side before an Event is created. This corrects a problem reported in the previous release that resulted in an error during checkout: User Not Found. See Issue #6
  • Bug Fix: In the Event API calls, amount must be given in cents (i.e., total x 100) for proper calculation on the Intercom side. Closes this GitHub issue.
  • New Feature: It is now possible to configure the Intercom Messenger icon display settings so that it’s only shown to logged-in users, only to logged-out users, or to everyone (default behavior). See: Dashboard → WooCommerce → Intercom → Messenger Display Options.
  • New Feature: Adding support for URI Inclusion patterns. See Issue #12.
  • New Feature: Adding support for URI Exclusion patterns. See Issue #12.
  • New People Attribute: This release adds a new People Attribute by the name of wp_user_id, giving support reps. the ability to track WP User IDs in Intercom.
  • New Filter: A new filter has been exposed: js_snippet_attrs. This allows a developer to add their own custom attributes; above and beyond what is already defined by WooCommerce Intercom Pro itself.
  • New Filter: add_filter('woocommerce_intercom_js_snippet_enable', '__return_false'); to disable the JS snippet selectively.
  • Enhancement: Standardizing Event names sent to Intercom. New format: order-[status]. See Issue #19.
  • Enhancement: Adding wp_home_url and wp_network_home_url fields to JS Snippet to make it easier for support representatives to identify the origin of a customer request; e.g., whenever a single Intercom account is being used to support more then one WordPress installation, or multiple child sites/domains in a Multisite Network. See Issue #22.
  • Intercom user_id: This release changes the way an Intercom user_id is generated. Instead of just the WP User ID, the Intercom user_id is now formulated in a way that allows a single Intercom account to be used for multiple installations of WordPress. The user_id sent to Intercom is now made up of two parts. 1. A hash of the current WordPress home_url() (normalized). 2. The current user’s WordPress ID (or, in the case of guest checkout, an e-, followed by a hash of the user’s email address). The final user_id becomes: [location hash].[user ID]; e.g., 3610a686.123, 3610a686.e-9943c993 (guest).
  • Compatibility: Adding support and compatibility with WPML’s ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE so the Intercom messenger will always be displayed in an appropriate language.
  • Compatibility: This release adds compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions. See Issue #1.
  • Compatibility: This release adds support for all WooCommerce Order and/or Subscription status changes, including those added by WooCommerce extensions such as the WooCommerce Give Order extension. See Issue #1.
  • Compatibility: Removing API Key setting for Intercom in favor of a Personal Access Token. There is now a configuration field under: WP Dashboard → WooCommerce → Intercom settings where you can supply a Personal Access Token for API calls to Intercom. Use the instructions provided in this area to generate and fill-in your Personal Access Token. See Issue #20.
  • Compatibility: Adding support for guest checkout events that track a customer by email address instead of by user ID. Closes this GitHub issue.
  • Compatibility: Updating composer.json to specify that we will use the Intercom SDK v3.x (but not 4.x) until a full review of a new major release has been completed.
  • Cleanup: Moving JS snippet into a template file w/ replacement code. Closes this GitHub issue.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed a “Notice: Array to string conversion” bug when getting available user downloads from WooCommerce. See Issue #2.
  • Enhancement: The total_spent Custom Attribute is now padded to two decimal places, ensuring that a zero value gets passed as 0.00 and values that end in a zero include the padded zero (e.g., 5.50 instead of 5.5). See this commit.
  • Updated WP PHP RV to v160824.6416.


  • Initial release.

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Latest Stable Release

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December 9th, 2016@ 11:51 pm UTC (stable)v161209.85885.zip (296.87 kbs)

Latest Bleeding Edge

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January 28th, 2017@ 12:34 am UTC (unstable)bleeding-edge.zip

Historical Release Archive

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September 9th, 2016@ 2:05 am UTC (stable)v160909.7530.zip (288.73 kbs)
August 25th, 2016@ 10:53 pm UTC (stable)v160825.82407.zip (288.1 kbs)

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