WooCommerce KB Articles Pro / Changelog


  • Updating to latest WP Sharks Core SCSS framework.
  • Updating minimum required version of the WP Sharks Core.
  • Updating scripts/styles to bring them inline with core standards.
  • Adding support for wp-markdown-extra filter configuration.
  • Enhancing security by removing basename(__FILE__) from direct access notices.
  • Using Restore Default Options meta link instead of tab; i.e., bringing this plugin up-to-date with other WPSC projects.
  • Removing unnecessary lite build variation from .build.props file.
  • Bug fix. Declare new instances widget classes properly.


  • Article icon more opaque.
  • Short slug/var changed to wp_kb.


  • New Facade for developers: a::articleUrl() (by slug).
  • New Facade for developers: a::stylesScriptsMayApply().
  • New Product Endpoint: /product/kb-article/[slug] allows for product-specific KBA redirects. This Endpoint, like all others, can be configured from the KB Article options page.


  • Bug fix. No need to call stripLeadingIndents() in product tab content filter.
  • Bug fix. Overflow and whitespace styles applied to the [kb /] shortcode were inadvertenly hiding excerpts in the list of the articles.
  • Adding new [kb /] shortcode attribute: show_excerpts="false".
  • Adding title="" attribute to all category, tag, and titles generated by the [kb /] shortcode.
  • Enhancing styles applied to list of KBAs produced by the [kb /] shortcode.
  • New [kb /] shortcode attribute: one_line_titles="true".
  • Adding title="" attribute to default KBA archive template for the Storefront theme.
  • Enhancing search box placeholder icon in [kb /] shortcode.
  • Make it possible to hide the KB product tab by emptying the KB tab content field for any given product.


  • Adding meta widget that can be used to display article meta instead of forcing it into the content area. Props @raamdev.
  • Adding ‘For Product’ meta details to default singular template for Storefront-based themes for WooCommerce.
  • Adding new widget: KB: Back to Product, making it easier to reference the product page (for the current product), from any area of the KB.


  • Fixed E_NOTICE error in Authors widget on $product_id.
  • Enhanced Authors widget; now automatically sorting by article counters.


  • Initial release.