WooCommerce Restrictions / Changelog


  • Updating minimum required version of the WP Sharks Core.
  • Minor tweaks in styles/scripts to enhance dependency order.
  • Bug fix. Illegal offset set when protecting by URI Pattern.
  • Bug fix. Call to undefined method a::collectPostMeta(). Should be s::.
  • Enhancing security by removing basename(__FILE__) from direct access notices.


  • Enhancing Dashboard styles and help icons.
  • Removing references to s2Member in favor of just ‘WooCommerce Restrictions’.


  • Bug fix. Security gate expanded to now cover archive views and other non-singular queries.
  • Options UI. Removing configurable option security_gate_redirect_to_args_enable in favor of a filter.
  • Adding security_gate_redirect_arg_name filter.
  • Adding $history arg to secondary install handler.


  • Adding a configurable options page. See: Dashboard → Restrictions → Options
  • Refactored Product/Restriction methods related to meta keys. Now taking advantage of WP Sharks Core utilities.
  • Reduced complexity of codebase by removing several classes where the only reason for it existing was to reference a WooCommerce post type.


  • Tested for compatibility against WordPress v4.6.
  • Bug fix. Editors should be granted permission to create Restrictions by default.
  • Bug fix. The uninstall handler now removes the Restriction Taxonomy Terms automatically as it should.


  • Updating to the latest WP Sharks Core.
  • Enhancing docBlocks throughout the source code.
  • Updating template files. Use $this->vars instead of $this->current_vars.


  • Updating to the latest WP Sharks Core v160718.53795.
  • Adding REQUIRES.md file to list WooCommerce as a formal requirement.


  • Updating to latest WPS Core.


  • Updating to the latest WP Sharks Core.


  • Pulling the [if /] shortcode out into a separate plugin before official release.


  • Bug fix. Use WC_Product->get_id() instead of ->id property, which may not return the correct ID for variations.


  • Updating to latest WPSC.
  • Updating Git dotfiles.
  • Branch rename; 000000-dev now just dev.
  • Adding current_user_option="" attribute to [if /] shortcode.
  • Adding current_user_meta="" attribute to [if /] shortcode.


  • Future-proofing WC_Product usage in code.


  • Rebranding. Adding woocommerce- prefix.


  • Updating to latest WPSC.
  • Bug fix. woocommerce_order_given is an action not a filter.


  • Moving Order Item utilities to the WPSC.
  • Refactor order item meta hook. Deepening the integration to cover a larger array of WC extensions.
  • Adding support for WooCommerce Give Products extension.


  • Updating to the latest WPSC.


  • Updating to the latest WPSC.

  • Changing the Restriction access prefix in conditionals from access_res_ to access_pkg_ as this more accurately describes what is being tested. The pkg portion of this suggests you are testing for access to more than one thing, which is exactly the case; i.e., testing for access to an entire Restriction that may offer access in the form of a package. The access_pkg_ prefix works better with most of the code samples I have been working with; e.g., [if current_user_can="access_pkg_pro"] seems better than the term Restriction in the context of what a customer can do.


  • Bumping to WPSC minimum: v160601.61851.
  • Adding custom installation notice template.
  • Now collecting license key on install via WPSC updater. However, the license key is not functional yet as there is no API that can authenticate it. Coming soon.


  • Updating to latest WP Sharks core.
  • Adding support for WC logging and WC log files.
  • Enhance debugging utilities and log file generation.
  • Enhancing Restriction UI. See: https://github.com/websharks/woocommerce-restrictions/issues/3
  • Bug fix. E_NOTICE level error whenever WC Subscriptions was missing and Order was saved.


  • Initial alpha release.