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Does everything Jetpack Markdown can do and more!

Adds Markdown Extra parsing to WordPress in much the same way as Jetpack Markdown does, but it includes some additional enhancements.

Adds a customizable Markdown IDE to WordPress. Similar to Dillinger.io, but in WordPress. Upon installing, see: Settings → Markdown in WordPress for additional options.


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Built by Jason Caldwell
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WP Markdown Extra - Advanced Markdown IDE for WP
WP Markdown Extra - Feature Highlights
WP Markdown Extra - Customizable and Powerful

Additional DetailsSystem Requirements

This product installs just like any other theme/plugin for WordPress. Like most of our products, it also installs the WP Sharks Core™ framework when you activate it. Our framework satisfies nearly all dependencies for you. However, you do need a shared hosting provider (we recommend the MediaTemple Grid), a VPS, or dedicated server.

WP Sharks Core Requirements

Processor 64-bit processor (or better)
PHP v7.0.4 (or higher); tested up to 7.1.3
WordPress v4.7 (or higher); tested up to 4.8-alpha

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  • Bug fix. On bulk edit PHP warning.
  • Enhancing configurable filter tweaks.
  • Adding compatibility with Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium.
  • Adding [md url="" cache_expires_after="1 hour" /] shortcode.
  • Adding HTML comment transform marker to post_content after filtering.
  • Bug fix. When disabling visual editor globally, that should impact profile edits also.
  • Adding new methods addMarker() and stripMarker() for consistent marker handling.
  • Bug fix. Improve handling of empty content and avoid showing a marker when editing empty content.
  • Enhancing comment marker handling by automatically stripping the marker from raw HTML output by a theme.
  • Enhancing PHP full preview option by applying all content filters after the Markdown transform.
  • Enhancing filter associated with theme integration, which allows a theme to set custom preview styles.
  • Adding compatibility with TypeKit for custom previews integrated by themes.
  • Adding support for <!--raw--> MD bypass tag.
  • Enhancing Markdown parsing in previews.
  • New configuration option that allows the preview frame to be moved to the right or left side of the screen in split preview mode.
  • New configuration option that allows the preview frame width to be defined when previewing in fullscreen mode.


  • Adding compatibility with multiple editor instances in WP.
  • Enhanced scroll-locking whenever the Markdown editor is enabled.
  • Bug fix. Apply Markdown to WooCommerce short description whenever product is enabled as a MD post type.


  • Initial release.

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Latest Stable Release

We strongly suggest that you always run the latest stable release.

April 8th, 2017@ 5:32 am UTC (stable)v170408.19959.zip (144.73 kbs)

Latest Bleeding Edge

Please be warned. This is beta quality. It may contain bugs or even bring down your site.

June 26th, 2017@ 6:55 pm UTC (unstable)bleeding-edge.zip

Historical Release Archive

If you're having trouble with the latest stable release, you can revert back to a previous release.

February 21st, 2017@ 1:15 am UTC (stable)v170221.4504.zip (125.49 kbs)
February 19th, 2017@ 5:08 am UTC (stable)v170219.18502.zip (125.35 kbs)

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