WP Sharks Core™ / Changelog


  • Adding s::enqueueJsCookieLibs().
  • Updating to latest WebSharks Core lib.
  • Enhancing CSS framework.


  • Adding s::wcProductPost().
  • Adding s::wcProductParent().


  • Adding s::enqueueDeviconLibs().
  • Updating to latest WebSharks Core.
  • Updating for compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0+.


  • Adding s::enqueueStripeLibs().
  • Adding s::enqueueNoUiSliderLibs().
  • Updating to latest WebSharks Core, which now includes Stripe integration.
  • Updating to latest Semantic UI build, now a custom build that comes with the WebSharks Core.
  • Adding support for inline scripts via wp_add_inline_script().
  • Enhancing data-if="" attribute handling and expanding it to cover all menu page areas.


  • Adding new Markup{} utils.
  • Adding reCAPTCHA JS lib.
  • Updating to latest WebSharks core.
  • Adding initial_network_id and initial_site_id to Wp{} class.
  • Enhanced security & flexibility by removing reliance upon wp_salt() for plugin-specific cryptography needs.
  • Enhanced security by adding support for Defuse crypto keys & encryption.
  • Enhanced security by using network-specific and site-specific keys.
  • Removing mcrypt dependency entirely.
  • Reorganizing App class methods.


  • Adding support for Elite variation.
  • Adding support for async scripts.
  • Adding support for explicitly empty SRIs.
  • Adding support for inline styles in our own lib.


  • Bug fix. Missing scripts key in Semantic UI libs.


  • Updating to latest core.
  • Adding Ace scripts/styles.
  • Adding Behave scripts/styles.
  • Adding MarkdownIt scripts/styles.
  • Adding Font Awesome scripts/styles.
  • Adding Highlight.js scripts/styles.
  • Adding jQuery (latest) scripts/styles.
  • Improving organization of CSS/JS framework.
  • Added support for automatic SRIs in scripts/styles.
  • Adding integrity="" attributes for remote scripts.
  • Adding src/client-s/sris.json map file for fast lookups.
  • Refactoring StyleScripts{} class to make it more robust.
  • Adding support for $Form->inputRow(['type' => 'hidden']);.
  • Adding support for $Form->*Row(['if' => 'option=0|1|2|3|etc']);.
  • Adding support for $Form->*Row(['if' => 'option!=0|1|2|3|etc']);.
  • Adding support for $Form->hrRow(); (horizontal dividing row).


  • Bug fix. Undefined index active_label on license keys menu page.
  • Adding home_url and related properties to the centralized Wp base class.
  • Correcting typo in dependency notice. resolove should be resolve.
  • Bug fix. Broken ‘Settings’ link for some plugins running on the WP Sharks Core. See Issue #5.
  • Enhancing WooCommerce conditionals in Wp base class.
  • Enhancing security by removing basename(__FILE__) from notices.


  • Updating to latest release of the websharks/core.
  • Adding support for recurring notices, errors, and/or warnings.
  • Use WordPress color pickers for <input type="color" ...> fields. See: https://github.com/websharks/wp-sharks-core/issues/3
  • Adding support for free trial copies of pro software with time-limited access to all pro features.
  • Bug fix. Plugins nested inside a woocommerce parent page were not being linked up properly in the list of plugin action links.
  • Adding s::defaultMenuPageUrl() that collects the default menu page URL for the current plugin, based on which menu pages were added via WPSC API calls.
  • Remove Dismiss & from trial notice buttons in favor of more concise calls to action.


  • Bumping minimum WP requirement to v4.6.
  • Updating to the latest WP PHP RV library.
  • Enhanced remote API calls for automatic updates. Future-proofing.
  • Adding ul and ol tag consideration in notice markup generation handler.


  • Correcting a bug in the list of license keys that was causing a table to be displayed as block and therefore it lost it’s table properties.
  • Bug fix. Transient hashToKey() should return an un-prefixed key.
  • Bug fix. dieInvalid() referenced incorrectly.


  • New Facade: s::getDefaultOption().
  • Upgrading to latest websharks/core.
  • Adding support for meta_links in menu pages.
  • A restore tab is now automatically converted into a meta link.


  • Automatically add -widget suffix in Widget{} base class.


  • Bug fix. Only show widget when extender returns non-empty content.
  • Adding s::postMetaExists() to check if a post has any given meta values.


  • Enhancing menu page styles.
  • Adding SCSS utility mixins for developers.
  • Bug fix. Core URL leading to ‘My Downloads’ was a broken link.


  • Adding c::collectPostMeta().


  • Adding Classes\SCore\WidgetForm{}
  • Adding Classes\SCore\Base\Widget{}
  • Adding Classes\SCore\Base\Widget{}
  • Enhancing menu page styles in admin area.
  • Fixed a JS bug that caused tooltips not to be shown in widget areas.


  • Updating docBlocks throughout for improved codex generation coming soon.
  • Adding sami.cfg for upcoming codex generation.
  • Updating to latest release of the websharks/core.


  • Adding onclick configuration key for menu page tabs.
  • Adding ?in-wp flag to brand-based URLs that open inside WordPress; e.g., changelog for a new release.


  • Adding s::postMetaKey().
  • Adding s::getPostMeta().
  • Adding s::updatePostMeta().
  • Adding s::deletePostMeta().
  • Adding s::setPostMeta().
  • Adding s::unsetPostMeta().
  • Adding s::addPostMetaBox().
  • Adding s::postMetaBoxForm().


  • Updating to the latest websharks/core.
  • Adding Jetpack utils for Markdown parsing.
  • Bug fix in select form field generator. Use [] when multiple is true.
  • Bug fix in s::restActionFormElementName() when passing [] as an array.
  • Bug fix. Use ___ignore key that forces browsers to submit an empty array.


  • Refactoring menu page tab generation.
  • Refactoring menu page argument names.
  • Fixing a bug in automatic action links for plugins.


  • Dropping PDO extension requirement (now optional).
  • Dropping posix extension requirement (now optional).
  • Dropping explicit PHP version requirement, because it’s already specified by the websharks/core.
  • Updating to the latest websharks/core library.


  • Enhancing core menu page styles. The external link icons were being applied to buttons.


  • Bug fix. Missing $WpDb variable in transient utils.
  • Adding support for ‘Check Again’ functionality in update-core.php via $_REQUEST['force-check'].
  • Enhancing/optimizing notice utilities.
  • Enhancing/optimizing support for multisite networks and network-wide, network-only plugins.
  • Enhancing menu page utilities.


  • Bug fix. Core itself should ship with it’s own license key.


  • License key request for type: theme, plugin only.
  • Updating to latest websharks/core with Simple Expression bug fixes.


  • Adding eval() as a new PHP requirement.


  • Updating to latest websharks/core.
  • Adding anonymous stats collection via stats.wpsharks.io.


  • Enhancing license key integration.
  • Enhancing license key templates and notices.
  • Updating to the latest websharks/core.
  • Enhancing compatibility with a lite-to-pro transition in terms of how this impacts license keys.


  • Updating to latest websharks/core.
  • Adding App collection utilities needed by licensing system.
  • Adding s::addApp()
  • Adding s::getApps()
  • Adding s::getAppsByType()
  • Adding s::getAppsBySlug()
  • Forcing Classes\App::$Parent to null when $is_core.
  • Making Dicer aware of Classes\SCore\MenuPageForm{}.
  • Refactoring to help optimize apps based on core.
  • New utilities related to menu pages, styles, URLs.


  • Adding s::addMenuPage()
  • Adding s::addMenuPageItem()
  • Adding Classes\App::CORE_CONTAINER_VAR
  • Adding Classes\App::CORE_CONTAINER_NAME
  • Adding Classes\SCore\Utils::DbMenuPage{}


  • Upgrading to latest websharks/core.


  • Upgrading to latest websharks/core w/ Simple Expression utils.


  • Bug fix. short_var and short_data_var removed in favor of Transient Shortlinks.


  • Adding s::restActionUrl().
  • Adding s::restActionVar().
  • Adding s::restActionDataVar().


  • Bug fix. Shortlink is a one-word reference.


  • Adding transientShortlink() API and Facade.
  • Enhancing ReST action handlers. New method addApiVersion().


  • Enhancing RestAction{} utils.
  • Adding new RestAction{} behavioral arg: use_short_vars.
  • Bug fix. RestAction{} URLs should only contain an Nonce if applicable.


  • Bug fix. Template utility class w/ wrong namespace.


  • Adding s::localToUtc(). Converts a local timestamp into UTC time.
  • Adding s::utcToLocal(). Converts a UTCE timestamp into a local time.
  • Bug fix in s::i18nUtc() with respect to timezone chars not handled properly by date_i18n() in WordPress.
  • API call for package URL (in pro software) now uses site instead of location following an update at wpsharks.com.
  • Adding CORE_CONTAINER_SLUG constant to base App{} class. Used in a few default directory locations at this time.
  • Extending Template{} class in WSC to allow for WP themes to override any default templates.


  • Enhance license key placeholder in installation notice.
  • Security hardening; disallow multi-dimensional ReST action data by default.
  • Adding ability to define a custom $slug for fatalities that occur in AJAX/API handlers.


  • Updating to latest WSC.
  • Nest all theme/plugin logs/cache into .wp-sharks sub-directory.


  • Updating to the latest WSC.
  • Adding additional brand-related config keys and URL generators.
  • Enhancing transient utilities. Adding support for DB-driven transients via hash IDs.
  • Bug fix. $uri in Updater class was not initialized properly.


  • Updating to latest WSC.
  • Updating to latest phings.
  • Updating .build.props file.
  • Updating Git dotfiles.


  • Adding support for ReST action API versions.
  • Adding brand URLs for API, CDN, and stats.
  • Adding new brand URL utilities for API, CDN, and stats.
  • Updating API calls back to wpsharks.com for licensing.
  • Adding support for custom fatal error messages associated w/ AJAX and API calls.
  • Adding REST_ACTION_API_VERSION constant to base App class.
  • Forcing an API version into all API action URLs.
  • Upgrading to the latest websharks/core release.
  • Future-proofing WC utility methods.


  • Enhancing action vars.


  • Upgrading to latest websharks/core.


  • Upgrading to latest websharks/core w/ enhanced output utils.


  • Updating to latest core with enhanced MailChimp utils.


  • Updating to latest core with MailChimp utils.
  • Enhancing ReST action utilities.



  • Updating to websharks/core v160620.27266.


  • Moving Order Item utilities from s2X to the WPSC.


  • Bug fix. Should not fail on missing $report.
  • Refactoring. doingAction() now doingRestAction() to avoid confusion w/ hooks.


  • Enhancing actions, fatalities, updater, and more.
  • Updating to the latest websharks/core.


  • Updating to latest websharks/core.


  • Updating dotfiles.
  • Improving default App->onSetupOtherHooks() handler.
  • Updating to the latest release of websharks/core.


  • Delay license key request until after the welcome notification.
  • Adding several new configurable options for notices.
  • Enhance PostsQuery to allow for nested lists that show parent/child relationships.


  • Bumping to websharks/core v160601.61090.
  • Enhancing/refactoring action handlers and exposing them to plugins.
  • Adding notice on installation to collect license key for pro software.
  • Bug in notice utilities that was preventing success notice types from working as intended.


  • Updating phing build system.
  • Updating to latest websharks/core.


  • First public release.