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Simple Expressions

Simple Expressions are supported by some [if /] Shortcode Attributes. They allow you to check multiple conditions within the context of a supporting Attribute, using logical operators such as AND, OR. You can also group conditions using round brackets, much like you would in a raw PHP expression.

Attributes Supporting Simple Expressions

Logical Operators in Simple Expressions

  • AND (same as &&, which is also supported)
  • OR (same as ||, which is also supported)

[if current_user_meta="first_name AND last_name"]
    First and last name are both filled.
[if current_user_meta="!first_name OR !last_name"]
    First or last name is missing.

Comparison Operators in Simple Expressions

  • === (exactly equal to)
  • !== (not exactly equal to)
  • == (equal to; loose comparison)
  • != (not equal to: loose comparison)
  • <= (less than or equal to)
  • >= (greater than or equal to)
  • <> (less than or greater than)
  • > (greater than)
  • < (less than)

[if request_var="version == 1"]
[if request_var="version === '1'"]
    .../?version=1 (using strict type comparison)

String Literals (or Strings Containing Spaces)

When you need to test a string value, please wrap it in single quotes.

[if request_var="color == 'hot pink'"]
    Matches the string literal: 'hot pink'
    Single quotes required when string contains spaces.
[if request_var="color == blue"]
    Valid only because the word blue does not contain spaces.
[if request_var="color == 'blue'"]
    Same as previous example, but this is a better approach.
    When in doubt, use single quotes to be more specific.
[if request_var="color == ''"]
    A color was not given; i.e., equal to an empty string.

Negating (Testing for False)

  • != As seen above (not equal to).
  • !== As seen above (not exactly equal to).
  • ! Before the parameter component.

[if current_user_can="!access_ccap_extras OR !edit_posts"]
    Missing access to one of these.
[if current_user_meta="first_name != '' AND last_name != ''"]
    First and last name are both filled.

Other Simple Expression Examples

[if current_user_can="(access_pkg_elite AND access_ccap_extras) OR edit_posts"]
    Has access to one of these.

[if current_user_bought_product="(123 AND ACME-INSTALLER-PRO) OR ACME-ELITE-BUNDLE"]
    Bought something.

[if current_user_can_download="(123 AND ACME-INSTALLER-PRO) OR ACME-ELITE-BUNDLE"]
    Can download something.

[if current_user_meta="primary_blog == 1"]
    Primary blog ID is string 1.

[if current_user_meta="_custom_key == 'string value'"]
    Matches the string literal 'string value'.

[if current_user_meta="(paying_customer AND _order_count > 0) OR _money_spent > 0"]
    Made a purchase.