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Intercom Event Names

This article provides a list of Events that occur in WooCommerce which are then forwarded to Intercom. The Event Names follow a standard of beginning with order- or subscription-, followed by the current status of the Order or Subscription when the event occurs in WooCommerce; e.g., order-processing, order-completed.

The Events described here will show up inside Intercom when viewing a User's details, under the "Their activity" section. Here's an example of what this might look like inside your Intercom account when viewing a User's details:

WooCommerce Intercom Order Events


Covers Orders of any Type, excluding shop_subscription Order Type.

* Shop Subscriptions are handled separately; see below.

  • order-processing
  • order-completed
  • order-on-hold
  • order-cancelled
  • order-refunded
  • order-failed
  • And others added by WooCommerce extensions.

Order statuses explained in greater detail below.


  • Payment received & stock reduced. Awaiting review/fulfillment.


  • Stock is reduced. Awaiting payment.


  • Order fulfilled and complete.


  • Cancelled by an admin or the customer.


  • Refunded by an admin or via a payment gateway notification.


  • Payment failed or was declined (unpaid). Note that this status may not show immediately and instead show as pending until verified (e.g., PayPal).


Specifically for shop_subscription Order Type.

  • subscription-active
  • subscription-on-hold
  • subscription-cancelled
  • subscription-switched
  • subscription-expired
  • subscription-pending-cancel
  • And others added by WooCommerce extensions.

Subscription statuses explained in greater detail below.


  • The subscription becomes active; i.e., like a complete order status. Also occurs during a renewal; i.e., on-hold to active when payment goes through.


  • Also occurs before a renewal is processed, which could fail. If a renewal fails the on-hold status remains and it does not become active again. This is also another word for suspend; i.e., suspending a subscription puts it on-hold.


  • Cancelled by an admin or user in one way or another, e.g., when a subscription reaches the end of a trial and there is no payment.
  • A cancellation event may also occur after a pending-cancel status, e.g., when a cancellation occurs but prepaid time still remains.
  • Also occurs before a subscription is trashed/deleted.
  • Also occurs when a parent order is trashed/deleted.
  • Also occurs on max failed payments.


  • Via woocommerce_subscriptions_switched_item. A subscription item was switched to another.


  • This is a lot like cancelled, except this occurs whenever a subscription reaches a fixed end date; e.g., valid from A until B (expires on B date).


  • Cancelled by an admin or user in one way or another, e.g., when a cancellation occurs but prepaid time still remains. See official docs here: