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Is it compatible with the ‘Chained Products’ extension for WooCommerce?

It is, yes. The WooCommerce Chained Products extension allows you to connect one or more Products to others, so that purchasing any given Product can automatically include access to another 'chained' Product.

In short, WooCommerce Restrictions is fully compatible with the Chained Products extension for WooCommerce. Purchasing a Product that is chained with another will result in Customer Permissions being granted for all Products in the chain that provide access to WooCommerce Restrictions.

Example Chained Products Scenario...

  • If Product 1 provides access to Restrictions A and B.
  • And Product 2 is chained to Product 1, where Product 2 provides access to Restrictions C and D.

When a Customer purchases Product 1 they gain access to Restrictions A, B, C, and D (i.e., everything in the chain).

Note: WooCommerce Chained Products is an add-on sold separately by WooCommerce.