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Protecting an Entire Post ‘Type’

Protecting a Post Type will automatically protect all Post permalinks associated with that Type. For instance, if you wanted to protect all bbPress Topics, you could protect the 'Topic' Post Type. The same would be true for any Custom Post Type that you might install via other plugins for WordPress.

Dashboard Location

See: DashboardRestrictionsAdd Restriction

From this page you will find a meta box where you can protect Post Types (e.g., Topics, Replies, or any Custom Post Types). You can choose one or more Post Types from this list to protect all (yes, everything) of that Post Type.


Note: Please be careful when protecting an entire Post Type. Protecting the entire Post Type will protect everything of that type, without exception. So for instance, protecting all 'Pages' would make every 'Page' on your site off-limits to the public.