Protecting Content by URI Pattern

Protecting content with URI Patterns allows you to protect almost any content served by WordPress. You can protect multiple Posts and Pages using wildcards and regular expressions with WRegx™ (Watered-Down Regex). Dashboard Location DashboardRestrictionsAdd Restriction Here you will find a meta box: Protected URI Patterns, where you can protect one or more URI Patterns. This […]

Packaging Custom Capabilities for Sale

Selling a Customer access to a Custom Capability (CCAP) implies that you are going to check for this CCAP somewhere in your theme, plugin, or in conditionals that you add to a Post. For example, if(current_user_can('access_ccap_something') where something is a CCAP you created. If the Customer paid for access to a Restriction that protects the […]

Protecting Content by Category or Tag

Protecting a _Taxonomy Term_ of any type (for example: *Category*, *Tag*) protects permalinks leading to *Posts* that are associated with that _Term_.

Protecting Content by Author

Protecting an Author (a User who has authored a Post or Page) protects all Permalinks leading to Posts (of any type) that were written by that Author. Dashboard Location DashboardRestrictionsAdd Restriction This is where you create a new Restriction. There is a meta box here called Protected Authors where you can restrict content by particular […]