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Announcing WP Sharks: Plugins for WordPress that Empower Ideas

After many, many months of planning and hard work, we're thrilled to finally announce WP Sharks, plugins for WordPress that empower ideas, brought to you by a globally-distributed team of professional WordPress developers with nearly a decade of experience building, supporting, and maintaining top-notch WordPress software.

I'd like to start by sharing a little bit of history with you, describe our vision for WP Sharks, and announce a few awesome new plugins that we're releasing as part of this announcement.

WP Sharks

A bit of history...

WP Sharks was founded by business partners Jason Caldwell and Raam Dev. Over the years we've built everything from advanced e-commerce platforms and caching engines, to simple contact forms and social-media tools—always with WordPress at the core.

Some of you may know of us as WebSharks™, the original team behind several popular WordPress plugins, including s2Member, a powerful membership plugin that has been downloaded over 1 million times, and Comet Cache, a powerful caching plugin for WordPress that has been downloaded over 1.6 million times.

We've been building and supporting WordPress software for over 8 years now and in that time we've learned to love WordPress for many reasons. Not only is WordPress a dream to work with but the ever-growing community surrounding WordPress is absolutely amazing. We're thrilled just to be a part of it!

Our vision for WP Sharks™

Building on our extensive experience developing and supporting several popular WordPress plugins, we want to create a place — a marketplace and a community — where we can offer many more plugins and build a community focused around developing great WordPress software.

Our experience in the WordPress community has taught us that well-maintained and well-supported plugins are highly-valued by site owners who want to know if something goes wrong with a plugin on their site, they can get help they need right away; or if a new version of WordPress is released, that the developer will prioritize making sure that the plugin remains compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Our vision for WP Sharks is to create a marketplace where site owners can find well-maintained and well-supported plugins that are built with developer-friendly codebases and with cross-plugin and theme compatibility in mind, all backed by a friendly, responsive, and helpful community of knowledgeable site owners and developers.

Announcing 7 New Plugins

As part of our inital launch, we're also announcing several new plugins that are available immediately, including WooCommerce Restrictions, WP Site Search, WP Syntax Highlight, WP Tocify, WooCommerce KB Articles, ⟨Pre⟩serve, and [if] Shortcode.

We're also excited to announce a new cutting-edge framework called the WP Sharks Core, which many of our plugins are built on. The WP Sharks Core provides an extensive set of common utilities used by many of our plugins and includes a complete automatic update and licensing system.

WooCommerce Restrictions

One plugin that we're especially excited to be announcing is WooCommerce Restrictions: WordPress membership management, designed for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Restrictions allows for creating 'Restrictions' and selling access to them with WooCommerce Products. Restrictions are an easy way to protect Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, BuddyPress, bbPress, URIs, and more. When a user completes checkout, they automatically gain access to specific areas of your site through Customer Permissions attached to WooCommerce Products of your choosing.

We love the WooCommerce platform and we're excited to also be building many new plugins designed specially for WooCommerce — this entire site is powered by WooCommerce (along with all of the other plugins we're making available as part of our launch).

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