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Creating Custom Search Tabs

Sometimes a visitor is searching for something specific and it can help if you provide them with a way to narrow the results to a particular type of content. So for instance, instead of searching your entire site for a keyword or phrase, I could search KB Articles, or Forums, or Blog Posts, etc. This is where Custom Search Tabs can help.

End Result (Custom Search Tabs)

End Result: Custom Search Tabs

Configuring Custom Search Tabs

See: DashboardSettingsSite Search

The Additional Tabs field takes a line-delimited list of Tab Title|search/pattern/* configurations. You type the Title of the tab that will be shown to users when they are searching your site, followed by a | delimiter, and then a search pattern that narrows the results in some way whenever that tab is clicked.

WP Site Search Tab Config

Example patterns used in the above screenshot in case they are helpful to you:

KB Articles|*

Note: An asterisk * is a wildcard that matches zero or more characters.