Can the shortcode be used in a widget?

This is not recommended due to size limitations in most widgetized areas. Instead, we recommend using the built-in Search Widget that comes with WordPress. WP Site Search redirects WordPress searches to the Page configured to show WP Site Search results. If you configure WP Site Search to handle WordPress searches (enabled by default), then the […]

How does the query variable work?

The WP Site Search query variable is what the plugin uses to pass search terms to the search page. For most sites, the default q variable will work just fine but you can customize this variable if you'd like. When the variable name is set to q (the default), and your search page has the […]

Do I need a Google Search Engine ID?

No. You don't even need to have a Google Custom Search engine account. The WP Site Search plugin handles all of that for you. WP Site Search creates what's known as a Linked CSE, which is hosted by your WordPress installation and does not require a connected Google CSE account or Google CSE ID. It […]

[google_cse /] Shortcode Attributes

WP Site Search is powered by a Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE). More specifically, the WP Site Search plugin automatically builds a Linked CSE that you can customize in a number of ways, even without a Google CSE account ID. This is because the Linked CSE consists of an XML file that contains search […]

Basic Configuration (5 Minutes)

Getting started with WP Site Search is easy because it automatically creates a Page in WordPress where search queries will be handled (the Page is created with the title "Search"). All you need to do is configure a few basic options, which I'll walk through in this article. Dashboard Location DashboardSettingsSite Search As seen in […]

Redirecting WordPress Searches

WordPress comes with its own built-in search functionality but that functionality is limited — it's certainly not Google! WP Site Search is powered by the Google search engine, so once you have WP Site Search configured and Google has crawled your site, it's a good idea to redirect default WordPress search engine queries to WP […]

Setting a ‘Search’ Page

When you install WP Site Search, it automatically creates a new Page in WordPress with the slug /search and configures itself to use that Page to serve all WP Site Search results from. In the content of this newly created Page, a required shortcode is added: That shortcode must exist for searches to be handled […]

Creating Custom Search Tabs

Sometimes a visitor is searching for something specific and it can help if you provide them with a way to narrow the results to a particular type of content. So for instance, instead of searching your entire site for a keyword or phrase, I could search KB Articles, or Forums, or Blog Posts, etc. This […]