Basic Configuration (5 Minutes)

Getting started with WP Site Search is easy because it automatically creates a Page in WordPress where search queries will be handled (the Page is created with the title "Search"). All you need to do is configure a few basic options, which I'll walk through in this article. Dashboard Location DashboardSettingsSite Search As seen in […]

Redirecting WordPress Searches

WordPress comes with its own built-in search functionality but that functionality is limited — it's certainly not Google! WP Site Search is powered by the Google search engine, so once you have WP Site Search configured and Google has crawled your site, it's a good idea to redirect default WordPress search engine queries to WP […]

Setting a ‘Search’ Page

When you install WP Site Search, it automatically creates a new Page in WordPress with the slug /search and configures itself to use that Page to serve all WP Site Search results from. In the content of this newly created Page, a required shortcode is added: That shortcode must exist for searches to be handled […]