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Setting a ‘Search’ Page

When you install WP Site Search, it automatically creates a new Page in WordPress with the slug /search and configures itself to use that Page to serve all WP Site Search results from. In the content of this newly created Page, a required shortcode is added: [google_cse /] That shortcode must exist for searches to be handled properly.

Note: If you already had a page with the slug /search, WordPress will automatically create the second page with the number 2 appended, e.g., /search-2.

Changing the Default 'Search' Page

Dashboard Location

DashboardSettingsSite SearchSearch Page

Here you can use the dropdown menu to select a different Page. Or, if you prefer, you can leave this setting like it is, and simply edit the Page that was automatically created for you when the plugin was installed. Just be sure that you have the [google_cse /] Shortcode in the content for whatever Page you decide to use.

WP Site Search 'Page'