Intercom Event Names

This article provides a list of Events that occur in WooCommerce which are then forwarded to Intercom. The Event Names follow a standard of beginning with order- or subscription-, followed by the current status of the Order or Subscription when the event occurs in WooCommerce; e.g., order-processing, order-completed. The Events described here will show up […]

Creating a Personal Access Token

This article explains how to create a Personal Access Token in your Intercom account. See also: this article at Intercom. Choose 'App Settings' from the main menu. Click this button to begin the instant approval process. Choose the 'Standard' option when generating a Personal Access Token. Finally, copy your Personal Access Token. ... and give […]

Product License Keys

Products that require a license key, will ask for your license key when installing the software. By entering your license key you will enable automatic updates for the associated WP Sharks plugin in WordPress. When you have one of our products installed, you can also navigate to DashboardWP Sharks, where you can activate/deactivate license keys […]

WordPress Theme Integration

The KB Articles plugin integrates with any theme for WordPress automatically, because it integrates with a WordPress core feature, Custom Post Types. Whenever you install the KB Articles plugin it adds a new Post Type that is specifically for KB Articles. The KB Articles plugin also adds support for what is referred to as a […]

[kb /] Shortcode

The Shortcode produces a summary of KB Articles in a variety of ways. By default, it also displays a KB Article search box, Categories, and Tags. However, all of this behavior can be altered through the Shortcode Attributes described in this article. Default Behavior This example is quick & easy. The built-in defaults are all […]

KB Article Feeds

The KB Articles plugin supports native WordPress feed formats that are applied to KB Articles like any other Post Type in WordPress. This article shows the structure of feed URLs made possible by the KB Articles plugin, assuming you have not altered the default Permalink structure that comes with the KB Articles plugin when you […]

Jetpack Integration

The KB Articles plugin is compatible with Jetpack. It supports the Jetpack Sharing module and also the Jetpack Markdown module. So if you're running the Jetpack plugin for WordPress, you have the option of enabling Markdown and then writing all of your KB Articles in Markdown (highly recommended). Writing KBAs in Markdown can be very […]

WooCommerce Integration

The KB Articles plugin works both as a global knowledge base (i.e., you can write articles that are not associated with any specific WooCommerce Product), and it also makes it easy to build Product-specific knowledge bases too. Product-Specific KB Articles Whenever you create a new KB Article, you can choose to connect that article to […]

KB Article Post Type

The WooCommerce KB Articles plugin installs a new Post Type in WordPress, specifically for KB Articles. You will find this new Post Type in the main menu (screenshot below). The available options are as you'd expect; i.e., Add Article, Categories, Tags, Options, etc. WooCommerce Product-Specific KB Articles When you create a new KB Article, you […]

[google_cse /] Shortcode Attributes

WP Site Search is powered by a Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE). More specifically, the WP Site Search plugin automatically builds a Linked CSE that you can customize in a number of ways, even without a Google CSE account ID. This is because the Linked CSE consists of an XML file that contains search […]