Can the shortcode be used in a widget?

This is not recommended due to size limitations in most widgetized areas. Instead, we recommend using the built-in Search Widget that comes with WordPress. WP Site Search redirects WordPress searches to the Page configured to show WP Site Search results. If you configure WP Site Search to handle WordPress searches (enabled by default), then the […]

How does the query variable work?

The WP Site Search query variable is what the plugin uses to pass search terms to the search page. For most sites, the default q variable will work just fine but you can customize this variable if you'd like. When the variable name is set to q (the default), and your search page has the […]

Do I need a Google Search Engine ID?

No. You don't even need to have a Google Custom Search engine account. The WP Site Search plugin handles all of that for you. WP Site Search creates what's known as a Linked CSE, which is hosted by your WordPress installation and does not require a connected Google CSE account or Google CSE ID. It […]

Is it compatible with the ‘Chained Products’ extension for WooCommerce?

It is, yes. The WooCommerce Chained Products extension allows you to connect one or more Products to others, so that purchasing any given Product can automatically include access to another 'chained' Product. In short, WooCommerce Restrictions is fully compatible with the Chained Products extension for WooCommerce. Purchasing a Product that is chained with another will […]

Is it compatible with the ‘Give Products’ extension for WooCommerce?

It is, yes. The WooCommerce Give Products extension allows you to give away access to Restrictions via WooCommerce Products, and WooCommerce Restrictions is fully compatible with the 'Give Products' extension for WooCommerce. Note: WooCommerce Give Products is an add-on sold separately by WooCommerce. Tip: Even without the 'Give Products' extension, you can always give any […]

Is it compatible with the Stripe extension for WooCommerce?

It absolutely is, yes. Stripe is among the most popular payment gateways that integrate with WooCommerce, and the Stripe extension is now available for free. Note: WooCommerce Restrictions is compatible with all payment gateways for WooCommerce. Including, but not limited to Stripe.

Does it also support the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension?

Yes, it does. If you have the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension you can sell access to WooCommerce Restrictions using simple or variable Subscriptions, in the same way that you can sell access to a Restriction via other Product types. See: Charging on a Recurring Basis Note: WooCommerce Subscriptions is an add-on that is sold separately by […]

Is it compatible with syntax highlighters?

Yes. It is compatible with most syntax highlighters. Compatible Syntax Highlighters WP Syntax Highlight Pro (by WP Sharks™ — highly recommended) Syntax Highlighter Evolved WP Code Highlight.js Or any other that uses a JavaScript-based syntax highlighter like Highlight.js. Incompatible Syntax Highlighters WP Syntax Or any other that uses GeSHi, or another server-side highlighter. Stick to […]

Is it compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes. The same <pre>, <code>, <samp> `backtick`, and ```fenced``` code block preservation that occurs for Posts/Pages, also applies to WooCommerce product descriptions (both short & long descriptions). The same is also true for any custom post types introduced by other plugins you're running.