Charging on a Recurring Basis

If you have the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you can sell access to Restrictions using simple or variable 'Subscription Products' in the same way that you can sell access to a Restriction via other Product types. In the world of WooCommerce, it is the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension that makes it possible to charge on a recurring […]

Creating a Restriction

Getting started with WooCommerce Restrictions is a breeze. In this article I'll guide you through the creation of a new Restriction. I'll also offer some suggestions about how many Restrictions you should create and what you might want to name them. Dashboard Location See: DashboardRestrictionsAdd Restriction Descriptive Summary & Slug The first thing you should […]

Overview of Restrictions in WooCommerce

With WooCommmerce Restrictions, you can protect Posts, Pages, Tags, Categories, Role-Based Capabilities, Custom Capabilities, and/or specific URIs matching a list of patterns you configure. You can then sell access using simple Products, variable Products, or grouped Products. If you're running WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can also sell access to Restrictions using simple or variable Subscriptions. Each […]

Example Use Cases

WordPress Shortcode Developer The ⟨Pre⟩-serve plugin can be handy if you're a WordPress developer working on shortcodes of your own. For instance, with this plugin installed you can publish code samples (in WordPress) without needing to worry about the [shortcodes /] that you're writing about being parsed by your own site, and without needing to […]

General Overview

This plugin automatically pulls `backticks`, <pre>, <code>, and <samp> tags (and their contents) out of the content-filter equation in WordPress, making it easier to write code samples for others, which might include [shortcodes], HTML &entities;, CSS, JavaScript, or otherwise contain data that could be corrupted by default filters in WordPress, such as wpautop. This task […]